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Becoming Familiar with Automotive Batteries

You might not be acquainted with the concept of automotive batteries. So it is better to comprehend the basics before moving to the incredible details. Automotive batteries operate the motor of the vehicle. The battery serves as a startup or ignition when it comes to starting any vehicle. That compels for the reason why a long lasting and maintenance free battery is crucial for a car engine. Also, there can be different structures when we refer to automotive batteries with respect to the vehicle’s structure.

  • An automotive battery supplies electric current to the starting motor

This electric current supply propels the internal combustion engine (chemically powered) to start the vehicle.

So that is the type of process automotive long lasting battery puts into when starting any vehicle. An automotive long lasting battery is also a rechargeable battery to ignite the engine.

Advantages of Choosing ELITO Automotive Batteries

There are hundreds of other brands in Qatar which deal in batteries such as Amaron, Varta, AC Delco, and more. Today, you’ll learn about how ELITO should be your best choice for a long lasting car battery. This few minutes read will guide you about why you should choose ELITO instead of other brands.

Our automotive batteries are manufactured by the trusted Amara Raja Batteries Ltd based in India. We bring an exclusive range of premium batteries segment to you like Amaron. We will go deep into the details regarding how our batteries lead the industry.

Let’s get right into the details!

1-Better Strength:

The performance of the battery is something very important to consider. Your entire vehicle relies on the working/performance of the automotive battery. Our ELITO batteries bring improved electrical conductivity for the safest possible performance chart.

That vouches for the safe combustion process when the engine starts. In addition, there are improvements made in lug forcing better electrical performance.

That results in efficient performance of the engine, proving the best companion of your important vehicle.

You can’t undermine the aspect of performance with respect to your vehicles. And that is where our automotive batteries push the limit to provide sublime performance even in harsh weather conditions. Your vehicle will never go down thanks to our stable performing batteries.

2-Improved Service Life:

Buying a battery for your vehicle is not a one-time investment. But you will eventually have to buy it after one or two years, depending upon the weather circumstances. Our ELITO automotive batteries incorporate a safe design in paste bonding.

Also, there are abundant ways to determine automotive batteries’ service life cycle. That helps with a better service life of the batteries when with respect to your vehicle. Some environmental conditions aren’t fitting to the best battery performance.

  • Extreme weather conditions undermine the service life of an automotive battery

But that is exactly not the case with our ELITO batteries that are ready to perform in all weather conditions. You will no longer have to replace the battery earlier than the service life. Choosing ELITO batteries will help you to make the best out of your decision.

In addition, our batteries are highly responsive when it comes to the maintenance portion. You can take your vehicle to as many places as possible without getting disappointed.

3-Additional Plates and Separators:

This is really important to understand as a consumer looking to purchase an automotive battery. Most batteries don’t feature flexible size plates, which compromises the battery’s service life.

You don’t want this to happen with your automotive battery. Keeping the high-performance value for constant time has a lot to do with plates and separators.

Our automotive batteries are the real shape of the future with inclusive, flexible-shaped plates and separators.

These important components take on the roughness of the rides without putting the performance on compromise. Therefore, you will always find a better-performing battery without a doubt.

  • Lacking plates and separators in most batteries reduce the service life, unlike ELITO batteries

ELITO batteries are designed in such a way that they perform for longer without putting the performance on the back foot.

Therefore, this ultimately increases the service life of your battery. That is the best possible advantage that you can get over other batteries.

4-Improved Maintenance:

It can be tiring to maintain your automotive battery after a specific short amount of time. Most cheap batteries incorporate poor maintenance systems undermining the performance overall. But that is a different thing with ELITO automotive batteries.

These batteries bring an excellent maintenance system that is featured for less water loss that retains the moisture in the battery. In addition, our batteries bring convenience to check electrolyte at the time of its need.

Besides, this improved maintenance system ensures that you won’t have to maintain the batteries every other day. You can be sure to put these batteries to rest when you are taking on long journeys.

5-Heat Repellant:

Heat strikes most of the batteries when the harsh weather prevails. Thankfully, our batteries are fully tested and trusted for their performance in harsh climatic regions. In addition, our batteries bring better performance in response to excessive vibrations.

That helps when you often take on off-road adventures. It is always better to choose ELITO batteries if you are tired of excessive heating outside and the roughness of the ride.

6-Same Warranty but the Price that Compels:

ELITO brings sublime car batteries that carry the same 1 year warranty but at affordable pricing. Most premium brands like Amaron, Powerzone, and AC Delco deal with the same warranty but a high price. Our premium range of automotive batteries brings quality and affordability together.

Besides, we deal in the premium segment of automotive batteries that inspire drivers to drive places. There are many batteries that you can get to select from our categories, like Amaron. So there is a battery for every need with ELITO.

When must an Automotive Battery be replaced?

There is never a simple answer to this question as it depends. Many aspects impact the working and efficacy of the automotive batteries inside your vehicle.

Moreover, regular maintenance is also mandatory to keep such batteries healthy.

Weather Conditions:

That is one of the prevailing factors to estimate the service life of automotive batteries. Normally, the service life of an automotive car battery normally ranges from 2-3 years. That reduces to 1 year in hot climatic conditions when talking about Qatar.

So most automotive batteries live up to this mark as for the weather conditions. Also, cold weather situations impact the service life of the batteries in a different way. In short, extreme weather reduces the service life of the car battery.

That is something you must comprehend depending on your geographical and weather condition.


Most people don’t pay heed to the maintenance of their automotive batteries. That adds to another reason why such batteries should be maintained. Cheap quality batteries react badly to the maintenance compared to high-quality automotive batteries from ELITO.

Scarce maintenance can result in reduced service life. So make sure to take care of maintenance.

So when to Replace?

The above-mentioned factors contribute to the answer with respect to this question. If you are in a country like Qatar, you might have to replace the car battery annually.

That is because increased temperature impacts the efficacy and performance of automotive batteries.

On the flip side, if you are dwelling in moderate weather conditions, then it can go up to 2 years mark. That can also go to 3 years, depending upon the quality of the battery in particular.

Our ELITO batteries are highly resilient and perform to the level best even in tough weather.

Benefits of Replacing an Automotive Battery once the Warranty Expires

There are a couple of key benefits of replacing an automotive car battery. Also, it is ideal for replacing the maintenance free battery once the warranty time expires.

  • A new battery brings more power to the engine exalting performance
  • Stabilizing electricity supply will be much easier with an entirely new automotive maintenance free battery

These key benefits will determine your thinking when replacing your maintenance free battery. It is always better to replace the battery when it shows signs of performance compromises. Your vehicle will gain a new life and perform to the best possible level.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to check out some of our best automotive batteries on our official website.

Final Words

Our company has grown in the course of recent years by winning customer’s trust and by exceeding their expectations. We deal in a high segment of automotive batteries in Qatar.

Our batteries carry more advantages of performance and service-life over other famous companies. You will enjoy incredible value with our automotive batteries when you invest in ELITO. So start better today with ELITO!

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