Why Amaron Quanta is the Optimal UPS Battery?

Mufaddal Naeem

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) batteries are critical for a variety of industries and uses. Whether you are powering all-important medical equipment, supplying a charge to a security system, or ensuring that a factory stays online during power outages, UPS batteries are an essential safeguard. Amara Raja knows the importance of reliable UPS batteries and has worked to create the leading option on the market, the Amaron Quanta.


Why Should I Pick the Amaron Quanta?

The Amaron Quanta is an excellent choice for many reasons including its characteristics as a 12V VRLA lead-acid battery that harnesses AGM technology. What makes the Amaron Quanta the optimal UPS battery for your needs? Let’s take a look at the benefits of the Amaron Quanta battery.


Above all else, the most important factor of a UPS battery is reliability. You need to trust that your battery will function appropriately when you need it to. With Amaron Quanta, this is the ultimate goal of design as a number of innovative features have been introduced for the provision of reliable, fail-safe service. Amara Raja has built a strong reputation as a company that relies on advanced technology to create strong products that can transform markets. This characteristic is certainly exemplified by the Amaron Quanta, which has brought new technology to areas that have been stagnant for years like the automotive battery market.

Wide Range of Utilizations

The Amaron Quanta is a perfect battery for a wide variety of uses where it is critical that batteries do not fail when needed. These include virtually any system including UPS settings, fire alarm panels, elevators, CBS systems, data centers, banks, manufacturing sites, power plants, hospitals, laboratories, and facilities providing cloud services. In fact, the Amaron Quanta has a long history of being utilized in many of these areas with great success thanks to its effectiveness as a 12V VRLA lead-acid battery with innovative AGM technology.

Maintenance Free

One of the biggest concerns when selecting a UPS battery is the amount of maintenance that is needed. In truth, the ideal battery would be maintenance free, able to function at any time it is needed without the need for complicated or time consuming maintenance. The Amaron Quanta meets this requirement due to top of the line AGM technology. Additionally, the battery utilizes PPCP containers that have extremely low permeability that ensures no loss of water.

Strong and Consistent

A UPS battery needs to have strong, efficient, consistent output. With the Amaron Raja’s design, this is guaranteed. This battery features inter-cell welds, which serve to create an incredibly reliable current path with low levels of resistance. This means the battery will work efficiently, providing the power needed. The design also include reinforced walls that improve resistance, further contributing to the battery’s success.


Long Life

Another important quality in a UPS battery is one that will last a long time, providing extra reassurance that it will function when called upon. The Amaron Quanta meets these expectations with a number of features aimed to improve its longevity. The innovative Radgrid profile makes for lower internal resistance and superior discharge. It also features Instacharge, a patented paste technology that provides excellent charge acceptance. Furthermore, Amaron Quanta has a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy, which increases its use in tropical climates. With a design float life of ten years, this battery is among the best in the industry.


Quality Service

For customers who need more peace of mind with their purpose, the fact that Amara Raja stands firmly behind their products is surely a big reason to make an investment in this product. While the state of the art plant and Battery Excellence Centre both ensure that only industry-leading batteries are produced, there is also a large company-owned service network with a team of engineers that provide service and support both before and after a sale is made.


Why Should I Pick the Amaron Quanta over the Competition?

Many places in the battery market produce good quality batteries but have come to rely on their products rather than continuing to push innovation. You will not get this with Amaron Quanta. This battery contains many innovative aspects that have ensured that our batteries continue to perform well above industry standards.

In sort, by investing in Amaron Quanta batteries, you are investing in long lasting, quality products that you can rely on as needed. Touch base with one of our team members today to learn more about how the Amaron Quanta can exceed all of your battery needs!

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