Everything about Amaron Volt and Powersatck VRLA Batteries

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Batteries bring incredible usability in telecommunications, industries, and power utilities and supplies. In fact, every business needs the best power-backing solution to deliver the best products and services. VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries serve this purpose way more efficiently than any other type of batteries.

These leak-proof, maintenance-free, and position insensitive are not only safe to use but also give excellent performance. However, every VRLA battery doesn’t fulfil these expectations. So, you should be careful while purchasing VRLA batteries for commercial usage as there are many important aspects and factors that should be considered while choosing batteries.

Moreover, it is always crucial to understand the basis of any product before opening your wallet for it. The product should be of maximum utility offering lesser total cost of ownership, while excellently fulfilling your needs and requirements.

In consideration of this, we have compiled this brief guide to introduce you with some of the best VRLA batteries that were made by putting in a lot of efforts to bring the exceptionally safe and reliable face of power for your commercial usage.

Amaron Volt (2V)

Amaron Volt is one of the new offerings by the established Amara Raja batteries Ltd. This battery uses cutting-edge technology, providing a longer service life than most other batteries in the same comparison bracket.

In addition, this battery has exceptional power backing formality that can be rarely found in other available options. The use of advanced mechanisms and processing makes this battery very trustworthy and reliable for long-term usage.

Key Features

  • 2 Voltage power
  • 2% self-discharge per month
  • Float life of up to 20+ years (27 degrees)
  • 40 degrees to 60 degrees operation range
  • 95% AH efficiency
  • Shelf life of recharge up to 6 months
  • Wh efficiency is greater than 85%
  • Cost-effective

Functioning and Structure

This incredible Amaron Volt battery features inter-cell connectivity for the safest possible power operations. Its inter power connections make you feel certain about the safety of any possible operation carrying through this battery.

In addition, the battery features a sturdy copper insert head forcing better integrity and strength on top of everything. The power supply is in high-safe profile tin-plated copper connectors safety. So you no longer have to worry about the outraged power supply in some cases.

Quick Recharge and Discharge

The sublime copper connectors ensure quick recharge and discharge functionality on top of everything. That facility saves you much time that most batteries would waste in both recharge and discharge. A smooth mechanism makes it flawless to process such actions regarding Amaron Volt.

Our supreme technology ensures safe power passage for quickest recharging. If we compare the recharging time of Amaron Volt 2V against 12V voltage batteries, there is a massive difference. So this battery wins the battle of being more versatile than 12V batteries.

Supportive Structure

Installation can always be a tricky point when it comes to battery operations. Consumers always have to put a lot of effort into getting the battery running for its operations. And that is the opposite thing with this exceptional battery.

You are getting a self-stackable structure body with respect to this battery. This structure body is introduced in contrast to the conventional sellers selling old-structured batteries. So it has a clear advantage over the rest of the batteries in the market currently.

It takes a few for the battery to get right on track for some performance blows.

Protective and Durable

The battery has a transparent front cover featuring incredible protection, ensuring durability against scratches and marks. You don’t normally find this protection in most batteries, but Amaron Volt has managed to build up this protective gear improving longevity.

Additionally, this front cover is highly convenient when it comes to the monitoring of different operations.

Powersatck VRLA

This incredible 2V battery follows high-performance standards meeting extensive applications demands. In addition, the battery structure is capable of handling exceptional demands. You will also achieve better service life for enhanced versatility.

Powersatck VRLA has sublime power backing that makes its functioning life longer and extensive.

Key Features

  • 2 Voltage power capacity
  • It has two years warranty
  • It has a 200V nominal voltage capacity
  • Sealed maintenance-free battery type
  • Features 100 Ah to 6650 Ah capacity
  • Shelf life of recharge up to 6 months
  • Uses VRLA technology
  • Affordable
  • Fitting for the industrial usage

These key points delineate this battery’s functionality and usability in industrial applications. Now, let’s talk a look at some of its important functions in terms of working and application.

A Reliable Power Station

You are getting a highly deep discharge capacity using this battery even in harsh conditions. In addition, the battery features sublime float life of 20 years and cyclic life of 4000 cycles at 20% DOD. So that is exceptional in contrast to the other batteries in the market.

A Durable Design

The battery brings a modular design forming better installation capability on top of everything. Moreover, the battery incorporates a ribbed design polypropylene container for better durability on top of everything.

So your battery is all safe from external impacts that prolong its service life overall. Besides, you no longer will have to deal with the scratches and marks on the surface of your batteries. That certainly improves the appearance and functioning of eth battery too.

Better Charging Functionality

This battery features patented lead oxide paste featuring better charge acceptance than most batteries in the market. So it features a faster-charging capability making it more flexible for a wide range of applications.

Besides, charging capability is brilliant for the charging time it demands daily usage.

Superior Performer

The intelligent plate design features a high low internal resistance value. Its low internal resistance brings exceptional discharge performance for better working capacity for industrial applications.

Moreover, the battery brings AGM separator features better service life on top of everything.

Why should You Opt for 2V Batteries?

The industrial power solutions Amaron Volt and Powersatck VRLA batteries feature 2V capacity. There are many reasons to choose these batteries instead of 12V batteries. Firstly, they are cost-effective and easy to maintain at the same time.

That is something most industries look into as a power supply source. In addition, power backing is enhanced when it comes to 2V options like the Amaron Volt and Powersatck VRLA batteries.

Similarly, durability and enhanced service life are some of the chief aspects of a battery. That is something you get with one of the industry-leading batteries made by the presitgous Amara Raja Group.

Also, 12V batteries can get expensive, increasing your monthly estimates, but that is the opposite with 2V cost-effective batteries. So 12V batteries are really helpful and advantageous for your business pursuits as well.

Important Applications of 2V Batteries

You can’t get an idea about the efficacy of any power solution battery without observing its applications in detail. Also, these batteries flag a wide range of specific applications ensuring better usability for most industries.

You can trust 2V Amaron Volt and Powersatck VRLA batteries as they offer more than 20 years of float life, and they are tested for heavy industries usage requirements.

Furthermore, you won’t these batteries perform well even in harsh weather circumstances. They are made to tackle odd weathers so you can work with peace of mind. Such features make these batteries suitable for all types of heavy and moderate usability.

How Amaron Volt and Powersatck VRLA Batteries will Benefit Companies in Qatar?

There are many reasons why company owners in Qatar should go for 2V batteries in comparison to 12V. Firstly, these batteries are highly cost-effective, and the cost of purchase is affordable in contrast to rather costly 12V batteries.

Moreover, these 2V batteries are in compliance with international usage standards. Hence they are endorsed for international services and anyone from the world can prefer and use these heavy industrial power solutions.

Additionally, there is a wide range of tested heavy industry applications associated with these 2V batteries. That will ultimately benefit all the industry owners that are based in Qatar or outside of Qatar. Maintenance is meager, and the functioning cost is reduced to a great deal.

So, all the industries and companies will be able to save a lot of money at the end of every month.


The Amaron Volt and Powersatck VRLA batteries were launched as the ultimate solution to power-backing problems of heavy industries. There are extensive applications in relation to these batteries offering charming ownership cost and meager maintenance.

Besides, these 2V batteries are highly durable and easy to monitor at the same time. They offer cost-effective operations in contrast to 12V battery solutions in the market.

So, if you are looking for such a type of battery that can fulfil your commercial power-backing needs, install 2V Amaron Volt or Powersatck VRLA batteries and enjoy non-stop power support.

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